The learning game LUXURY

The learning game LUXURY


Country: Denmark

Language: Danish

With support from the Lauritzen Foundation, Dansk Folkehjælp has developed two learning games in collaboration with Copenhagen Game Lab and a number of teachers and students, targeted and adapted to the teaching of mathematics and social studies in 9th and 10th grade – and which is free to use.

The class game LUXURY – web-based.
The second edition is a web-based class game, where up to 5 groups with 1 – 6 students in each group, compete against each other to be able to buy the most LUXURY – by being good at solving arithmetic and math problems based in the private financial universe. All students can use their own PC / tablets etc. or you can have 1 – 2 per. group and then it can be calculated on paper etc.

The board game LUXURY
One version is a board game where 3-4 students play against each other and where the focus is on the strategic side of personal finance – i.e. that the students here gain a knowledge of how consumption, loans, debts and income are related, or perhaps even cause one to go bankrupt personally, because a balance between income and expenses has not been ensured.

To order the game, contact your local Center for Teaching Aids or Danish People’s Aid.

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