Fat on finance board game

Fat on finance board game


Country: Denmark

Language: Danish

This project made by “ungdomsbyen” (youth village)
In the specially developed board game, “Fat om Finanserne” students face the dilemmas of reality while vying to make financial choices
A fun course in economics
For ‘Fat on the Finances’, students learn how to prioritize their expenses, how to set a budget and which insurances are good and why. In this course in economics, students have to go through a role play where they have to decide on dilemmas about education, consumption and insurance. They become so preoccupied with the game that they do not discover how they have acquired new knowledge about personal finance and insurance.

Students act a fictional person from the person is 15 years to 35 years. Throughout the game, choices are made i.a. concerning education, jobs, finances and insurance and students must deal with the consequences it will have.

The course day consists of:
– a short introductory course and review of important concepts within economics and insurance.

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