“Knowledge of healthy personal finances is not just for adults”

“Knowledge of healthy personal finances is not just for adults”

>>> Methodologies and pedagogical approaches

Country: Denmark

Language: Danish

An article describing the good pratices in the danish secondary school.
FOCUS: Is it a good idea to buy in installments or take out a quick loan? If young people make the wrong financial decisions, it can have unforeseen financial consequences that reach far into adulthood.
THEME WEEK: The Money Week once a year for 7th – 9th grade (week 11 every year)
Finans Danmark joins forces with the Danish Mathematics Teachers’ Association
Learning Objectives: Young people must learn to take responsibility for their own finances, and they must be prepared to participate in society.
In a course focusing on personal finance, students’ mathematical skills can be linked to basic knowledge and concepts from the world of personal finance.
Private economics in mathematics and social studies calculations related to percentage growth, including calculations regarding interest rates, loans and savings. In the teaching, a budget and assessment of the cost of loans can thus be prepared. This work can be done using digital tools, including spreadsheets, and can include the development and use of formulas.
Themes: Knowledge about money, Manage your money and a theme booklet of Digital security

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