Bank offers lessons in local schools

Bank offers lessons in local schools


Country: Denmark

Language: Danish

According to a new study from Finans Danmark, impulse purchases are something young people between the ages of 18 and 30 should pay special attention to as this can put the economy to a serious test.

Expensive consumer loans, disposable amounts and overdrafts are now on the school schedule in Southern Jutland.
Following the success of a test course in Sønderborg, Sydbank is now expanding its offer of tuition in personal finance in primary and lower secondary schools. It writes JydskeVestkysten.
This is happening on the basis of demand from local schools and stories of an increasing number of young people ending up in debt problems.

“We have tested it twice and are now sending out an offer to all schools in our regional area. We have a team of seven to eight young employees who advise customers in everyday life,” says customer manager Kim Juul Pedersen from Sydbank in Sønderborg.

He says that the students’ evaluation of the two test courses has been extremely positive, and the department has, in collaboration with the headquarters, prepared a teaching material that will be available to the bank’s other departments.

Initially, all schools in Sønderborg Municipality will be offered tuition in personal finance.

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